Goodnews River Float Trip Details

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Included / Not Included

Included: Flights to and from the Goodnews river out of Bethel Alaska (there is a strict weight limit!) Meals, guiding, major camping equipment,  dry bags, cots  and back up flies.

Not Included: Accommodations and meals in Belhel or Anchorage, fishing license and tackle, flies, synthetic sleeping bag, pad, pillow, alcoholic beverages, flies, personal items, gratuities.

Travel Logistics:

Arrival Information: To reach the headwaters of the Goodnews River anglers will need to make air reservations with Alaska Airlines  into Bethel Alaska. Anglers should plan to arrive in Bethel, Alaska the day before their official start date on an evening flight. or very early the day of your trip. After arriving check in with the bush air charter service that will fly you to the starting location the following morning and then head on to your B&B or hotel for your overnight accommodations.

Getting to the Put-in: Travel is by float plane to the headwaters of the Goodnews river, with a return flight via wheel plane from the village of Goodnews bay. and each participant weighing in with gear at 300 pounds.  Any additional weight may require an additional flight at your expense. 

Departure Information: On the last day of your trip you will arrive at the take out early in the morning for the boat ride to the village of Goodnews bay and then fly on to Bethel about 2pm  This flight is usually just less then an hour in duration. Please make a return flight reservation for the evening Alaska Airlines flight back to Anchorage or alternatively plan to spend a night in Bethel.  Note: Many anglers will choose to spend the night in Anchorage before heading home Alternatively, you could catch a red eye home. Flights to and from the Goodnews river starting point as well as from Goodnews Bay village airport are  included in trip price. 

Travel Cash:
As a guideline we recommend that each guest travels with approximately $600-700 for staff & guide gratuities, alcohol, unforeseen expenses, should the group get stuck somewhere which can happen due to weather etc.

Gratuities are not included in the cost of the package and are left to the discretion of the individual angler. For planning purposes fishermen can expect the industry standard of around $80 per day depending upon the level of service received remember they are not just your guides, but also cooks, dishwashers, Sherpa's etc... these guys work hard and do it all.  This should be in cash and can be given to the head guide at the end of your trip from there it will e distributed to all the guides.

Fishing Licenses:
Fishing licenses are not included in your package price and can be purchased online (recommended) from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website or will need to be picked up in Bethel before your bush flight to the river. Note: if you do not have a license you will not be able to fish at all!

In general, during June and July average temperatures are in the 60's to mid 70's. Temperatures in the fall are quite a bit cooler and average in the 50's-60's. Temperatures can drop into the 30's and 40's at almost any time in Alaska. Keep in mind that Alaska has unpredictable weather - it is good to always come prepared. You will encounter some biting insects such as mosquitoes, no see-ums, and white sox, but typically a light coating of insect repellent is enough to keep them off. On the river, where there is usually a light breeze, you should hardly notice them. If the weather is perfect for bugs sometimes a head net is nice to have.

Medical Facilities:
Emergency facilities are not readily available. The only access to medical assistance is by emergency evacuation by National Guard helicopter. Please assess your medical problems before booking. Trip Insurance is strongly recommended to cover any such eventuality and if necessary any evacuation will be at your expense. .

Power and Communications:
The trip will be equipped with a satellite phone for emergency communications and radios for boat to boat communications where necessary..

The guides will purify all drinking and cooking water throughout the course of your tip. You might want to include your favorite style/flavor of water enhancer in your packing.

As the climate is extremely changeable and a wide range of temperatures and conditions can be expected, we recommend layering clothes. Typical fishing clothing consists of synthetic long underwear, fleece jacket and pants, hooded sweatshirt, and a good fishing rain jacket. Fingerless gloves are nice for cold mornings, and bring along a warm hat for early and late season fishing. For anglers made particularly uncomfortable by biting insects, pack along a mosquito head net if visiting during the first half of the season.

Due to space and weight constraints, large quantities of beer and wine are discouraged. Please transfer all hard alcohol into plastic containers before the start of the trip. Note these items can add significantly to your overall weight and the cost of your flight to the river.

Tackle/Equipment List:
Rods: Trout, Char; 9 ft. 5-7 wt. Rods Salmon; 9-10 ft. 7-9 wt. Rods.
Reels: Any well-made reel with at least 100 yards of backing. Disk drags work well.
Lines: Trout; Weight forward floating lines are the norm but sinking tip lines such as the Mastery wet tip type 4, Teeny 200, or the Rio Versi-Tip in the appropriate weights can come in handy as well. Salmon; Weight forward floaters are the most common but bring along at least one of the following if you are deliberately targeting Salmon: Mastery wet tip type 4, Teeny five foot mini tip, Rio Versi-Tip, and or Teeny 200 or 300 grain heads in the appropriate weights.
Leaders: Trout; 9-10 ft tapered leaders in 1X- 3X (2 or 3 of each) and tippet to match. Salmon; 9-10 ft. tapered leaders in 1X-0X and tippet to match. Note: for some, fluorocarbon has become popular for the trout fishing.
Trout Streamers: Black and Olive articulated leaches (12) size 2-4, Morrish Sculpins in dark olive and brown size 2, Zonkers in olive and natural size 4 (12), Bead and cone head Wolly Buggers in size 2 (12), Purple egg sucking leaches, Flesh flies in cluding the Morrish Medusa and other personal favorites. Egg Patterns (1-2 dozen total); Glo Bugs size 8-10 shell pink, and peach; beads in assorted pink tones.
Sockeye Salmon: (July only) Gold Comets size 8 (12), Sockeye Orange size 8 (12) and flash flies in size 4 (3-6).
Trout Dries: Morrish Mouse size 4 (6), assorted dries like parachute Adams, elk hair caddis, Wulffs and stimulators in sizes 8-14.

Waders & Boots: Chest high breathable and or neoprene waders with wading boots. No studs or cleats please, as they can damage the boats. As of 2012 felt soled boots are no longer allowed in Alaska waters.

Miscellaneous: Fishing vest or chest pack, Polaroid fishing glasses, needle nose pliers or hemostats for releasing fish, split shot, indicators, hook hone, nippers, camera and lots of film, insect repellent and a head net if you are sensitive to bugs, sunscreen, a waterproof bag for your day gear, hat, bandana, split shot, and tape measure.

Packing List:
Top quality fishing rain coat
(2) Synthetic T-shirts
Rain pants
(1) Pair shorts
Baseball cap
Wool hat (early and late summer)
Sunglasses (polarized)
Light gloves (water resistant)
Toiletry Kit-Sunscreen, Ibuprophin etc.
Pile jacket &/or heavy wool sweater
Flashlight or Headlamp (late summer)
Camp shoes (water resistant/proof)
Spare batteries
(2) Camp pants (one medium, one heavy in wool or pile)
Reading materials
(2) Long sleeve shirts (one medium, one heavy in fleece or wool)
Pocket knife
(5) Heavy wool (or synthetic) socks (7)
Bug head net
(2-3) Long johns (medium Weight), or wading pants, for under waders
Camera and film
(2) Long sleeve undershirts (wool or polypro)
Other handy items
No Firearms Please!

Note: Pre-pack your T-shirts, underwear, socks etc. in freezer weight zip lock bags for added moisture protection. These in turn should be packed into a large dry bag. Anglers will be responsible for providing their own sleeping bags, towel and camp pillow. Please bring a fiber fill bag as opposed to a down bag as it offer far better insulation in wet conditions.

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